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Designing Compensation Systems and Employee Benefits Essay

A compensation system has an important role in a company. An ideal compensation system can motivate employees to enhance their job performance. An organization can use adequate compensation to retain talented employees. Retaining talented employees is important because they help organizations grow and earn high profits. A well-constructed compensation system is the key to an organization being successful and prosperous (â€Å"Importance of Compensation,† 2007). To further elaborate on the importance of compensation, the differences amongst job analysis and job evaluation and how these practices aid in creating internally consistent job structures will be described, and details will be given on the challenges that occur when creating compensations that are both internally consistent and market competitive. Also, the fairness of merit increases based upon quartiles will be discussed, the fundamental concept of insurance and how this concept applies to health care will be discussed, and the changes in the business environment and society that may affect the importance of legally required benefits will be described. Describe the Differences Between Job Analysis and Job Evaluation and How These Practices Help Establish Internally Consistent Job Structures Job analysis and job evaluation are the key to creating internally consistent job structures. An internally consistent compensation system will define the relative worth of each job amongst all jobs in a company. Companies use a basic principle when creating internally consistent compensation systems, which is jobs that require higher abilities, more responsibilities, and more intricate job tasks should be compensated more than jobs that require lower abilities, lesser responsibilities, and fewer intricate job tasks. Internally consistent job structures recognize distinctions in job traits that allow compensation managers to set pay based upon the distinctions. Furthermore, compensation professionals create internally consistent job structures by using job analysis and job evaluation. A job analysis will reveal the duties as well as compensation factors such as skill and effort that are required to sufficiently perform the job. The results of the job analysis will be used to conduct the job evaluation. Job evaluation will create pay differentials for jobs within a company. The results of the job analysis help compensation professionals set pay rates by quantifying the main similarities and differences between jobs (Martocchio, 2011). In the end, the job evaluation will categorize jobs according to their relative worth in the company. The relative worth of a job will be determined based upon compensation factors such as skill, job duties, and working conditions. Finally, job evaluation will guarantee internal equity because the value of jobs will be determined based upon compensation factors (Williams, 2012). Describe the Challenges in Developing Compensations That are Both Internally Consistent and Market Competitive One challenge in creating compensation systems that are internally consistent and market competitive deals with flexibility. Internally consistent pay systems have the potential to decrease a company’s flexibility to react to changes in the pay practices of competitors because job analysis creates structured job descriptions and job structures. Also, job evaluation creates the relative value of jobs within an organization. Reacting to competitors may require employees to perform tasks that are not included in their job descriptions whenever competitive pressures arise. This process makes equity appraisals more difficult because the definitions of jobs become more changeable (Martocchio, 2011). Moreover, some employees may resent being required to perform tasks that are not in their job descriptions. These employees may believe that the employers are taking advantage of them because they are not being compensated for performing the extra job duties. As a result, employees could become unmotivated to help their employers compete against competitors. Another challenge in developing compensations that are both internally consistent and market competitive is the bureaucracy that results from the internally consistent compensation structures. Organizations that develop job hierarchies have a tendency to create narrowly defined jobs, which results in larger number of jobs and staffing levels. This type of structure can place heavy compensation burdens on companies. Heavy compensation burdens can reduce profits for companies, which can affect whether companies use a market lead, market match, or market lag policy for compensating employees. Organizations that use the market lead policy compensate its employees more highly than most of its competitors. Employees receive pay that is above the market pay line. Organizations that use the market match policy compensate employees based upon the market pay rates. Employees will receive pay on the market pay line. The market lead and market match policies can help companies attract and retain talented employees; thus, the companies using these policies can obtain competitive advantage in a highly competitive business environment by using its talented employees. Furthermore, organizations using the market lag policy compensate its employees less than the majority of its competitors. Employees receive pay below the market pay line (Martocchio, 2011). Furthermore, a company should not be forced to choose the market lag policy because of heavy compensation burdens that could result from bureaucracy. Some companies may use the market lag policy as a cost savings method to offset heavy compensation burdens. A market lag policy could prevent a company from attracting and retaining talented employees, which could affect the competitiveness of a company. Moreover, a company could lose customers and profits if it does not have the talented employees in place to produce goods and services than can compete with the goods and services of competitors. Two Employees Perform the Same Job and Each Received Exemplary Performance Ratings. Discuss Whether it is Fair to Give One Employee a Smaller Percentage Merit Increase Because His Pay Falls Within the 3rd Quartile But Give a Larger Percentage Merit Increase to the Other Because His Pay Falls Within the 1st Quartile and Explain Why Supervisors use the merit pay grid to designate merit increases to employees. A merit pay grid contains a pay range for a pay grade. The pay range is divided into four quartiles. Employees with the lowest salaries fall into quartile 1. The salaries increase as the quartiles increase. Employees with the highest salaries fall into quartile 4. Furthermore, the lower an employee’s salary falls within its designated pay grade the larger the percentage pay raise. For example, if two employees perform the same job and both employees receive excellent performance ratings, the employee whose pay falls in quartile 3 will receive a smaller percentage merit increase than the employee whose pay falls in quartile 1. The employee whose pay is in quartile 3 may receive a 7% merit increase for excellent job performance; whereas, the employee whose pay is in quartile 1 may receive a 12% merit increase for excellent job performance. Furthermore, using the merit pay grid may be logical but not fair. It is logical because compensation professionals decrease merit pay increase percentages as quartile ranks increase to control employees’ advancement through their pay ranges. If employees in quartile 1 and quartile 3 were to receive the same merit pay increase percentage, the salary for the employee in quartile 3 more than likely would exceed the maximum pay rate for the range quicker than would the salary for the employee in quartile 1 (Martocchio, 2011). Moreover, the merit pay grid may be viewed as unfair because employees performing the same job and displaying the same amount of effort and job performance are not receiving an equal percentage merit increase. Employees may view this procedure as an unfair work practice. Furthermore, the employees may believe that the company places more value on some employees’ job performance more so than on other employees’ job performance. Discuss the Basic Concept of Insurance and How This Concept Applies to Health Care The basic concept of insurance is to spread risks. Risk does not mean that an unfavorable incident will occur but that there is a possibility of an unfavorable incident occurring. All persons have the risk of suffering a major illness. Thus, the whole concept of insurance when relating to health care is that an individual will be able to spread his or her risk among other people so that if an unfavorable incident occurs, he or she will not be overwhelmed because of high health care costs (â€Å"Understand the Concept,† 2012). In the United States, health care is classified as a multiple payer system, which means that multiple parties are held accountable for paying the costs of health care. The multiple parties can include the government, employers, labor unions, employees, and unemployed individuals (Martocchio, 2011). Moreover, insurance allows an individual to pay a few hundred dollars a month in level premium rather than having to pay a $50,000 surgery bill once (â€Å"Understand the Concept,† 2012). Finally, health-related expenses can become costly; thus, it would be wise for individuals to have some form of insurance for health care. Health insurance covers the costs of various services that promote sound mental and physical health such as physical exams, surgical procedures, and psychotherapy. Normally employers enter into contractual relationships with insurance companies to provide employees and possibly their dependents with health care. Moreover, the insurance policy or contractual relationship will specify the amount of money insurance companies will pay for health-related services such as physical exams. Furthermore, employers pay insurance companies a negotiated amount or premium to create and sustain insurance policies (Martocchio, 2011). Health insurance premiums are costly. The average monthly health insurance premium for an employee is $309. 03. The average monthly health insurance premium for an employee and his or her family members is $708. 83. Numerous private sector companies make it mandatory that employees pay a portion of health insurance premiums because of the high costs. Employees only contributed a small percentage toward health insurance premiums in 2008. Moreover, employees with single coverage contributed around 19% and employees with family coverage contributed around 29% (Martocchio, 2011). Except For the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Remaining Legally Required Benefits Were Conceived Decades Ago. Describe the Changes in the Business Environment and Society That Might Affect the Relevance or Perhaps the Viability of Any of These Benefits There are several legally required benefits in the United States. Legally required benefits are the benefits provided by the Social Security Act, which are retirement; unemployment insurance; old-age, survivor, and disability insurance; and Medicare. Other legally required benefits are workers’ compensation insurance and family medical leave. The United States government created legally required benefits to protect individuals from calamitous incidents such as unemployment and disability. Legally required benefits try to maintain the flow of family income, promote worker safety and health, and assist families in critical situations. Furthermore, providing employees with legally required benefits can be costly to companies. Present day, companies in the United States spend an average $4,400 for each employee yearly to provide legally required benefits (Martocchio, 2011). Finally, the effect that legally required benefits have on costs and the competitiveness of businesses could affect the sustainability of legally required benefits For numerous years, there have been genuine concerns that there will be lack of funding to provide the legally required benefits, especially the social security benefits. There are continuous political debates about how to safeguard the viability of social security programs. President George W. Bush signed an executive order that established the new Presidential Commission to Strengthen Social Security. Politicians have debated the advantages and disadvantages of differing solutions to strengthen the Social Security system. The administration of George W. Bush focused on encouraging tax credits for persons who save for retirement and promoting additional savings through employer-sponsored retirement plans. Furthermore, the Democratic Party suggested enhancing the tax under the Federal Income Contributions Act to strengthen the trust fund. However, business leaders have opposed the suggestion of the Democratic Party. Business leaders, especially small business leaders are concerned that the increase in tax will lower company profits (Martocchio, 2011). Legally required benefits may hinder businesses in the short term because these benefits require sizeable employer expenditures. Employers are required to make contributions that are mandated by the Social Security Act and several state workers’ compensation laws. These mandated expenses prevent businesses from investing these funds in direct compensation programs designed to increase productivity and product or service quality (Martocchio, 2011). If the money for mandated expenses could be used for compensation programs then the company could increase its competitiveness. Furthermore, enhancing productivity, products, and services can help businesses become strong competitors against its competitors. Conclusion In conclusion, a job analysis will reveal compensation factors that will be used in the job evaluation to determine the worth of jobs. Compensations that are both internally consistent and market competitive can affect a company’s flexibility to respond to changes in the pay practices of competitors, and companies have to deal with the heavy compensation burdens as a result of bureaucracy. Usage of the merit pay grid is logical but unfair. Insurance allows employees to share the costs of health care with multiple parties. The effect that legally required benefits have on costs and the competitiveness of companies could cause companies to view the mandated benefits as burdensome. Finally, compensation will always have a vital role in the strategies of companies.

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Health Promotion Among Asian American People - 873 Words

Health Promotion Among Asian American People Asian Americans with no other ancestry comprise 4.8% of the U.S. population while people who are Asian alone or combined with at least one other race make up 5.6% As of 2012, Asian Americans had the highest educational attainment level and median household income of any racial demographic in the country, and in 2008, they had the highest median household income overall of any racial demographic. Despite holding the highest educational attainment level and median household income of any racial demographic in American society in a 2014 census conducted by the U.S. census bureau reported that Asians in the U.S. 12% were living below the poverty line which is higher than non-Hispanic White Americans who only have 10.1% of them living below the poverty line. This is largely due to the fact that a high percentage of Asian Americans are immigrants, and independently of race, immigrants are more likely than the native-born to be poor. Once the country of birth and other demographic factors are taken into account, Asian-Americans are no more likely than non-Hispanic whites to live in poverty. American Asian one of the faster-growing groups in the North America. Asian American people lives in a different city in the United State. Which includes the people from India, Indonesia, Chinese, Japanese, Korea, Philippine, Thai, and Vietnamese. According to health, the Asian American people have many critical problems such as HeartShow MoreRelatedAsian Americans : Asian American Women868 Words   |  4 PagesAsian Americans Asian Americans (AAS) are diverse ethnic group’s origins from the Far East Southeast Asia and Indian continents. More than 800 languages are spoken among AAS. They are one of the fastest growing populations in the US. 43 percent increase between 2000 2010. There are 15.5 million Asian Americans living in the United States (2012 Census Bureau population). Even if all Asian Americans have the same traits, such as strong family values, importance in educations, following traditionRead MoreHeritage Assessment and Cultural Project1133 Words   |  5 Pages The Heritage Assessment Tool can be used as a tool to assess health maintenance, protection, and restoration of individual cultural. This assessment tool helps explore and try to meet the needs of different patient populations to provide quality care among cultures. The purpose of this essay is to explore the finding of the evaluation from using the Heritage assessment tool between American, (European decent, white), Asi an, and Middle Eastern Indian Cultured families. . The Evaluation tool Read MoreHealth Promotion Among Diverse Populations Essay1170 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Whitney Scott Health Promotion Among Diverse Populations Nurs 429 V March 21, 2015 Over the years the United States (US) has transformed from a predominately white population to being ethnically diverse. According to the 2010 US Census bureau states roughly 36.3 percent of its population belongs to a minority group. The minority groups represented in the US include; Alaska Native/ American Indian, Asian American, Black/African American, Hispanic/ Latino, and Native Hawaiian/Read MoreEssay on Reflection on the Community Health Practicum Experience 1195 Words   |  5 PagesI completed my practicum at the State University Health Research Center. The HRC was launched in March 2014 by the State School of Medicine. Its mission is to utilize the Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach to build the community capacity and leadership for health promotion and disease prevention across the diverse populations of the county. The HRC is funded by a 5-year, $4.1 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as part of the PreventionRead MoreHealth Promotion Among Black or African Population Gcu1095 Words   |  5 PagesHealth Promotion Among Black or African American Population [Your Name] Grand Canyon University: Family-Centered Health Promotion(NRS-429V) January 10, 2016 Health Promotion Among Black or African American Population The Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] (2015) notes that â€Å"Starting in 1997, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requires federal agencies to use a minimum of five race categories: White, Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska NativeRead MoreHow to Live to Be 1001662 Words   |  7 Pageswill grow much more rapidly than the number of White elderly people over the next 50 years. The percentage of older adults in the United States that is made up of Blacks and other non-White minorities will increase from 10.2 in 1990 to 15.3 in 2020 and 21.3% in 2050. (Fried p.4) In 2005, 9.4 percent of African Americans, 9.3 percent of Asian Americans, and 6.5 percent of Hispanics were older than 65. The leading causes of death among the elderly are chronic diseases, notably cardiovascular diseaseRead MoreThe Health of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders1423 Words   |  6 PagesThe Health of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders -------- Grand Canyon University: NRS-429VN ------- Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders (NHPI) Population In 1997, the Office of Management and Budget revised Statistical Policy Directive No. 15, Race and Ethnic Standards for Federal Statistics and Administrative Reporting and separated the 1976 racial category of â€Å"Asian and Pacific Islander† into two groups: â€Å"Asian† and â€Å"Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanderi Native HawaiiansRead MoreHiv And Its Effects On The Asian Population1657 Words   |  7 Pagesoverall rate of infection still remains high, this increased rate is also seen in the Asian population. According to the CDC, between 2005 and 2014 the Asian population in the United States grew around 24%, more than three times as fast as the total U.S. population, and within this time period, the number of Asians receiving an HIV diagnosis increased by nearly 70% (CDC, 2014). Although the increase is substantial, Asians still only account for 2% of new HIV diagnoses. Of the HIV incidence, meaning newRead MoreAsian Dietary Cultures That Have Develop ed Through The Centuries789 Words   |  4 PagesCulinary historian and anthropologist tend to identified three main categories of Asian dietary cultures that have developed through the centuries. The three traditional styles are from the southwest, southeast, and northeast with their own unique sauce. Asian food is generally a blend of several tastes and flavors together that is sweet, sour, salty,spicy, and bitter.There are various tools in the asian cultures but perhaps the most important tool is the wok because the rounded bottom that providesRead MoreCardiovascular Diseases And Strokes And The Filipino Community1268 Words   |  6 PagesDiseases and Strokes in the Filipino Community The American culture is not easily defined. The greatest thing about the American culture is that it consists of multicultural beliefs and accepted norms. One culture that has made a great impact on the American cultural is the Filipino-American culture. As we all may know, some of the major factors that play a critical role in a culture’s identification is food and medicinal practices. Unlike the American practices, persons of the Filipino culture are more

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“Privacy and Spamming Ethical Issue in E-Marketing”

â€Å"PRIVACY AND SPAMMING ETHICAL ISSUE IN E-MARKETING† ABSTRACT It is contended that we are all living in a transitional economy and given the implications of globalization and information technologies for business and commerce, no economic system displays stability. The Internet poses fundamental challenges to the issues central to society, namely free speech, privacy and national sovereignty. With the advent of e-marketing, it brings with it a host of ethical issues surrounding customer privacy. The topic of protecting individual and corporate privacy as a major ethical issue has triggered a wave of governmental legislation and has created an entire segment of Internet industry firms whose mission is to help consumers protect†¦show more content†¦However the role of the web goes far beyond business. For a new generation of consumers it’s become a key lifestyle and entertainment channel, with many strong nationally created entertainments, sport and news sites traceable back to the mid nineties. The strong home-grown content industry India has had, complemented by a strong IT sectors in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi have fuelled internet development. In terms of international access, there is an additional pattern of strong use of UK and US websites as well as international sports websites. The internet advertising industry remains young in India and behaves in a similar way to the Western European internet advertising industry 5-8 years earlier. It is enjoying fast growth, albeit from a low base. The sector is dominated by financial services, IT/mobile and recruitment, with consumer package goods and motoring accounting for only small shares of the national online advertising market. However Indian consumers have experienced web advertising from the start of their use of the web so there is greater acceptance than in some of the Western European markets at a similar stage in their growth. The market is nationally driven with extra campaigns coming from global brands, but most of the budget confined to national businesses. The internet is a gateway to world knowledge asShow MoreRelatedEthical Issues With Ethical Marketing Essay1333 Words   |  6 PagesIssues with Ethical Marketing Ethical problems in marketing starts with conflicts and disagreements. Each party in the marketing transaction brings expectations of how the business relationship will exist and how the transaction should be conducted. Some ethical problems in marketing research aren’t always the invasion of privacy and stereotyping. Selective marketing is used to discourage the demand from undesirable markets or just by disenfranchising them altogether. Examples of unethical marketRead MorePrivacy and Citizens Data1498 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction This is an era of massive violations of privacy rights and individual liberties due to the new technologies of surveillance, data mining, electronic monitoring, biometric chips, spamming, hacking, phishing, and security breaches at major private and public institutions. These new technologies make the protection of privacy rights far more difficult than in the pre-electronic past. Given the nature of the Internet, thousands or even millions of people can view these Twitter and FacebookRead MoreEasay7165 Words   |  29 PagesDigital Firm: Ethical, Social Policy Issues Kenneth C. Laudon Jane P. Laudon 9th edition PEARSON - Prentice Hall 2006 Ù„Ø §Ã˜ ¹Ã™â€šÃ™Ë†Ã˜ ¨Ã˜ © Ø ¨Ã™â€žÃ˜ § Ø ªÃ˜ ¬Ã˜ ±Ã™Å Ã™â€¦ ولØ § Ø ªÃ˜ ¬Ã˜ ±Ã™Å Ã™â€¦ Ø ¨Ã™â€žÃ˜ § Ø ªÃ˜ ´Ã˜ ±Ã™Å Ã˜ ¹ Ø §Ã™â€žÃ™â€ Ã˜ µÃ˜Å' Ø §Ã™â€žÃ™â€¦Ã˜ ®Ã˜ §Ã™â€žÃ™ Ã˜ ©Ã˜Å' Ø §Ã™â€žÃ˜ ¹Ã™â€šÃ™Ë†Ã˜ ¨Ã˜ © Ø §Ã™â€žÃ˜ §Ã˜ ®Ã™â€žÃ˜ §Ã™â€š: Ø ®Ã˜ ·Ã™Ë†Ã˜ · Ø ¹Ã˜ ±Ã™Å Ã˜ ¶Ã˜ ©Ã˜Å' Ø §Ã˜ µÃ˜ ·Ã™â€žÃ˜ ­ Ø ¹Ã™â€žÃ™Å Ã™â€¡Ã˜ § Ø §Ã™â€žÃ™â€ Ã˜ §Ã˜ ³ (Ø §Ã™â€žÃ™â€¦Ã˜ ¬Ã˜ ªÃ™â€¦Ã˜ ¹) Ø §Ã™â€¦Ã˜ § Ø ¨Ã˜ §Ã™â€žÃ™â€šÃ˜ ¨Ã™Ë†Ã™â€ž Ø §Ã™Ë† Ø §Ã™â€žÃ˜ ±Ã™ Ã˜ ¶ نموØ °Ã˜ ¬ Ù…Ø ¹Ã™Å Ã™â€  ÙŠØ ­Ã˜ ¯Ã˜ ¯ Ø ·Ã˜ ¨Ã™Å Ã˜ ¹Ã˜ © Ø §Ã™â€žÃ˜ ªÃ™ Ã˜ §Ã˜ ¹Ã™â€ž Ù…Ø §Ã˜ ¨Ã™Å Ã™â€  Ø ·Ã˜ ±Ã™ Ã™Å Ã™â€  Ø §Ã™â€žÃ˜ ¶Ã™Ë†Ã˜ §Ã˜ ¨Ã˜ · Ø §Ã™â€žÃ˜ ªÃ™Å  Ø ªÃ˜ ­Ã˜ ¯Ã˜ ¯ Ø ³Ã™â€žÃ™Ë†Ã™Æ' Ø §Ã™â€žÃ˜ §Ã™ Ã˜ ±Ã˜ §Ã˜ ¯ The Digital Firm: Ethical, Social and Political Issues |  ObjectivesRead MoreEthical and Social Issues in Information Systems20165 Words   |  81 PagesChapter 4 Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems LEARNING OBJECTIVES After reading this chapter, you will be able to: 1. Analyze the relationships among ethical, social, and political issues that are raised by information systems. 2. Identify the main moral dimensions of an information society and specific principles for conduct that can be used to guide ethical decisions. 3. Evaluate the impact of contemporary information systems and the Internet on the protection of individualRead MoreThe Ethical Issues Of E Commerce1849 Words   |  8 PagesConsumer Rights and Legal Issues in ECommerce E-Commerce is a big business due to modern technology. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 2015, second quarter estimate for e-commerce retail sales was $83.9 billion. That was a 4.2% increase from the first quarter of the year (2015). With all these business transactions, there are bound to be disputes of some sort. What legislation is in place for online disputes? What ethical issues are there, concerning online dispute resolutions? ThisRead More SPAM: The Unethical Email Phenomenon Essay2785 Words   |  12 PagesSPAM which I have trained myself to notice right away after years of internet use, then spend time to open and view both mysterious emails which also turn out to be SPAM. After all that energy is spent, I am finally able read my teachers important e-mail. Remembering that my inbox is blinking red, I delete the bulk mail folder that yahoo has graciously provided as a SPAM filter, which holds 94 new SPAM emails, then finally empty out my email trash. Luckily, I am back down to 95% capacity in my inboxRead MoreMidterm for Information System3684 Words   |  15 Pagesthe rise of digital content. Answer: C 23) Which of the following are key corporate assets? A) intellectual property, core competencies, and financial and human assets B) production technologies and business processes for sales, marketing, and finance C) knowledge and the firms tangible assets, such as goods or services D) time and knowledge Answer: A 25) Overproduction or underproduction of goods and services, misallocation of resources, and poor response timesRead MoreMIS 535 Entire Course Managerial Application of Information Technology3099 Words   |  13 Pagesmodel? (Points : 5)   3. (TCO C) The type of logical database model that treats data as if they were stored in two-dimensional tables is the (Points : 4)   4. (TCO D) The telephone system is an example of a  ______  network. (Points : 4)   5. (TCO E) Enterprise applications have become easier to install because: (Points : 5)   6. (TCO F) Agile Methodologies (Points : 4)   7. (TCO G) A salesperson clicks repeatedly on the online ads of a competitor in order to drive the competitor s advertisingRead MoreManagement Information Systems22991 Words   |  92 Pagesprograms are the technical foundation, the tools and materials, of: A) all business procedures. B) information accumulation. C) modern information systems. D) all industrialized countries. 16) The field that deals with behavioral issues as well as technical issues surrounding the development, use, and impact of information systems used by managers and employees in the firm is called: A) information systems literacy. B) information systems architecture. C) management information systems. D)Read MoreIntro to Information Systems11970 Words   |  48 Pagescharacteristics except: A. global B. interconnected C. competitive D. relatively static E. real-time ANS: D REF: Material following chapter opening case _____ deal with the planning for – and the development, management, and use of – technology to help people perform their tasks related to information processing. A. IT architecture B. IT infrastructure C. information technology D. management information systems E. IT services ANS: D REF: 1.1 Information Systems: Concepts and Definitions

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Insanity in Hamlet - 1565 Words

Hamlet: A look Inside the Insanity Many people have seen Hamlet as a play about uncertainty and about Hamlets failure to act appropriately. It is very interesting to consider that the play shows many uncertainties that lives are built upon, or how many unknown quantities are taken for granted when people act or when they evaluate one anothers actions. Hamlet is an especially intriguing production, both on the set and on the screen because of its uniqueness to be different from what most people expect to be in a revenge themed play. Hamlets cynicism and insane like behavior cause him to seem indecisive, but in reality he is always judging and contemplating his actions in the back of his mind in order to seek revenge for the murder of†¦show more content†¦the movie portrayed it in a video camera that was seen by Ofelia and it kept repeating the words ?to be or not to be? seemingly showing that the tape was actually stuck and that Hamlet?s decision whether to act or not act was also ?stuck? and therefore he coul d not decide whether to kill or not to kill Claudio. There is a distinct division of opinion among the other characters of the play about Hamlets sanity and the split is along gender lines. Ophelia and Gertrude both state that Hamlet has gone mad, but the major male characters, on the other hand, like Polonius think that there is method in Hamlets madness, that his insanity is a surface mask to shield him as he plans the darker purpose of revenge. Since Hamlet is disturbed by the sudden death of his father and his mothers marriage to his uncle, King Claudius, the abnormality of his behavior to some extent is also understandable. Hamlet is naturally withdrawn, dark, and passive in the wake of those traumatic events. He also shows this when he constantly releases his anger with lines like How (weary), stale, flat, and unprofitable seems to me all the uses of this world! His self-exile and his self-reproach are essentially normal reactions to a series of events that he must avenge at his dead fathers command but without further direction against a powerful chain of power within the guilty King.Show MoreRelatedHamlets Insanity1513 Words   |  7 PagesIs Hamlet Insane or Sane? Throughout the play of Hamlet, one of Shakespeares most famous tragedys the main character, Hamlet is faced with the responsibility of getting vengeance for his fathers murder. He decides to pretend madness as part of his plan to get the opportunity to kill Claudius who was the suspected murderer. As the play goes on, his portrayal of a madman becomes believable, and the characters around him respond quite vividly. Through his inner thoughts and the obvious reasonsRead More Madness and Insanity in Shakespeares Hamlet - Hamlet and Insanity1908 Words   |  8 PagesHamlet and Insanity  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   William Shakespeare’s supreme tragic drama Hamlet does not answer fully for many in the audience the pivotal question concerning the sanity of Hamlet – whether it is totally feigned or not. Let us treat this topic in detail, along with critical comment.    George Lyman Kittredge in the Introduction to The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, explains the prince’s rationale behind the entirely pretended insanity:    In Shakespeare’s drama, howeverRead MoreHamlet Insanity Essay1199 Words   |  5 PagesHamlet’s Insanity Hamlets actions display something of a madman. Hamlet’s madness contributes to the many examples that his insanity in fact seemed real. Few people believe his insanity seemed faked or feigned. Nevertheless Hamlets actions can get confusing, since he could be deeply in love one minute, then talking and screaming to himself the next. These events that have occurred may have altered Hamlets life, by leaving him horribly troubled, and in a state of madness. In the book HAMLET a deviceRead MoreTheme Of Insanity In Hamlet1160 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Membrane Many people, while reading and studying Hamlet, often question the sanity of various characters throughout the play. There are many signs throughout Shakespeare’s writing that indicate a lost sense of sanity in the main characters Hamlet, his uncle/father Claudius, his mother/aunt Gertrude, and Ophelia. Each of these character’s sanity plays a large role in the plot of the play. In the beginning of the play the main character, Hamlet, gets a visit from the ghost of his father that hasRead MoreInsanity In Hamlet Essay975 Words   |  4 PagesQuestioning the Sanity of Hamlet In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet’s sanity is questionable throughout the play. Insanity is defined as the â€Å"unsoundness of mind or lack of the ability to understand† (Merriam-Webster). In the play, Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, is murdered by Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle, in secrecy. To make matter’s worse, Claudius then continues on to get married in an inscetuous relationship with Hamlet’s mother, the queen. Emotions are heightened when Hamlet then see’s a ghost thatRead MoreInsanity In Hamlet Essay972 Words   |  4 PagesHamlet’s insanity has always been a controversial topic within literary analysis. Many individuals believe Hamlet has always been insane, while others believe that his insanity was an act he played the whole time. Ultimately however, throughout the play, Hamlet becomes legitimately insane due to the events that occur, the primary factor being the death of King Hamlet, his father. Seeing the ghost o f King Hamlet is the beginning of his descent into insanity. Soon afterwards his mother marries ClaudiusRead MoreInsanity In Hamlet Essay1038 Words   |  5 PagesShakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, the protagonist, Prince Hamlet, is an inconsolable young man who struggles with the death of his father, King Hamlet. Hamlet is confronted by the ghost of his father in the first act and discovers the truth of his father’s death. The Prince is horrified at the disclosure that his Uncle, King Claudius has murdered his father. He also finds himself outraged by his mother’s hasty remarriage; however, the Ghost forbids him to cause her any harm. Hamlet promises to avenge hisRead MoreInsanity In Hamlet Essay1555 Words   |  7 PagesIn the play Hamlet, written by Shakespeare, the protagonist, Hamlet shows a state of instability which eventually leads to his irreversible actions. Many events have led to Hamlets insanity including his father’s death and his own mother marrying his uncle, the new king. This sets his enmity towards his uncle and results in his desire of killing him. On top of this, Hamlet has suicidal thoughts. The big question here, is whether or not Hamlet should be charged with homicide, manslaughter or neitherRead MoreThe Effects Of Insanity In The Story Of Hamlet1435 Words   |  6 PagesInsanity is the state of being mentally ill and not in the common state of mind. During the story of Hamlet insanity is a major factor to many situations. Hamlet showed many of signs of being insane, which also led to the death of others. Many ask, was â€Å"Hamlets insanity real or fake† and if so how did it affect the story in the ways it did. Many also wonder the signs that he shows to be insane and did his sickness cause others to lose the mental state of mind. In the story of Hamlet the actions ofRead MoreHamlet s Madness And Insanity1481 Words   |  6 Pagesbeen discussed of Hamlet’s madness and insanity. There have been endless arguments of whether his madness is feigned or unfeigned. Although, minimal arguments have been made about Hamlet’s pessimism. Hamlet is one of Shakespeare s most pessimistic plays, and as such it delivers the message that in a fallen world, reality often fails to match the ideal. The human experiences held up for pessimistic contemplation in Hamlet includes death, grief, loneliness, insanity, loss of meaning in life, breakdown

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Nixon Essay Thesis Example For Students

Nixon Essay Thesis Causes of Richard Nixons 1969 ElectionRichard Nixon, was born on January 9th, 1913, in Yorba Linda, California. Fifty-six years after he was born he became the 37th president of the United States. In the election Nixon only defeated the democratic candidate, Hubert Humphrey, by about 500,000 in the popular vote. Nixon is considered one of the most controversial politicians of the twentieth century. He used his political experience, his background, the communist scare of the late forties and early fifties, and some other factors to become the President of the United States. When people are deciding whom they will vote for an important factor they look at is the candidates educational background. Nixon grew up in a southern California Quaker family. He was stressed about the importance of hard work and integrity. He was always a good student in school and had the chance to apply to Harvard and Yale. He had to turn down the offer though because of a family illness which caused him to stay closer to home. He decided to attend Whittner College, where he graduated second in his class. He went on to attend law school at Duke University where he graduated third in his class. It is important to have a good education because you will look much more competent in the eyes of the people voting for you. By receiving and doing very well in his education Nixon got the support he would later need to become President. Another very important factor was Nixons previous experience in politics. After graduating from Duke University, Nixon joined the navy during World War II. After returning from the war Nixon jumped right into politics. He answered a Republican Party call in the newspaper. They were looking for someone to run against the five-term Democratic Congressman Jerry Voorhis. John Ehrlichman once said of Richard Nixon, He is like a race horse specially trained to run a particular race and no good for pulling wagons. Hes for running the race to be president, and thats what he lived for (Matusow 1). That just gives you an idea about Nixons attitude. He would do whatever it took in order to win. The style of Nixons first campaign for congressman set the tone for the early part of his political career. An example would be that while running against Voorhis he accused him of being a communist. He even had campaign workers make calls to voters explaining how Voorhis was a communist and advising the m that a vote for Nixon would be the best move. To win the voters over in that situation he used the communist scare to sway peoples decision when they voted. As it turned out his communist baiting worked and he defeated Voorhis to become a Congressman. Nixon later said, Of course I knew Jerry Voorhis wasnt a communist, but I had to win. With this attitude he was able to persuade many of the voters to vote for him. In 1950 Nixon was elected to the U.S. Senate by again using the same tactics against his opponent. Nixon was only in the U.S. Senate for a year and a half when the Republican National Convention selected him to be General Dwight D. Eisenhowers running mate. One of Nixons strong points is his ability to make his opponents seem incompetent in the publics eyes. Nixon was expected to do the dirty work of the campaign, which he did extremely well. Eisenhower won the election and when he ran again next year Nixon was once again his vice president. Nixon has had a lot of experie nce dealing with politics and the dealings of what a President does. People realize how much experience he had with politics so when it came time to run for President the people knew that he was qualified for the job. .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de , .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de .postImageUrl , .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de , .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de:hover , .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de:visited , .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de:active { border:0!important; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de:active , .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u2512fcd955bf9565e69639368ad826de:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Europe 1914 EssayAlthough he had a lot of experience with politics the first time he ran for president he did not win. He ran against John F. Kennedy who was young and inexperienced. Kennedy took advantage of modern campaigning techniques, which involved the television, more than personal contact. Kennedy who looked attractive came off as strong, confident and in control, while Nixon refused to wear make-up looked haggard and ghost like. When he came back to politics he took a different approach to campaigning. When he ran again in 1968 he let the Democratic candidates, who were split over the Vietnam War, tear themselves apart while he avoided the issue stating only that he would find an honorable end. One of the most important things in the 1968 election was dealing with the Vietnam War. While campaigning one of the most important details that the public paid attention to was, what was going to happen with the Vietnam War. The public heard both parties and what they were going to do and because of Nixons approach to the problem he got more of the people behind him. This was one of the key issues in the race and it was important for Nixon to prove to the people that he had a solution. He did and he ended up winning the election. One more important factor would be the candidates character and personality. From his parents he picked up the values of hard work and integrity. Nixon has been described like this by Robert Finch, He wasnt nearly as attractive, physically, as some of the other candidates, but he was so intense; he was a strong personality. You regarded him as a comer, someone who would be effective and successful in political activity. I was impressed by his obvious political skills, his intelligence, and his drive (Strober 31). This definitely sounds like some qualities that would make a good president and the public agreed by electing him President. Nixon although considered one of the most controversial politicians used his political experience, his background and the communist scare of the late forties and early fifties to become President. It took Nixon about four years but eventually he put an end to the Vietnam War. He promised the American people that when he took office his highest priority would be putting an end to the horrible war. He did what he promised and deserves credit for that. Although things did not always work out for him he came back from the events a smarter man. He used his knowledge to win the election. It takes a smart man to learn from his mistakes and Nixon did that. That is why he deserved to be President of the United States.

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Tango and Samba Comparison free essay sample

The samba and tango are very unique styles of music that developed in Brazil and Argentina respectively. Despite their similar origins and evolutions, these music styles still have their differences, and are as different as they countries whose culture and history they now greatly represent. The following examines the similarities and differences of the samba and tango. As stated above, the samba and tango basically have the same Orleans. The two music styles are the products of the mixture of the European polka, the Cuban Hibernia, and African rhythms. Furthermore, the origins of these now sophisticated styles were very humble, due to the fact that both originated in the lower classes. Specifically, the tangos major development occurred in the brothels In the slums and lower class areas of Buenos Aries. Before these two were widely accepted amongst its middle and upper classes, the music styles first had to travel abroad. We will write a custom essay sample on Tango and Samba Comparison or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Not until he music styles became popular in Europe did they become domestically popular as well.As time progressed, samba and tango progressed almost Identically. Both eventually mixed with other types of music, due to the creative and experimental nature of composers and musicians. Specifically, samba and tango became mixed with Jazz music, creating newer types of music. For the tango, Astor Piazza first experimented with tango and Jazz, creating what was called new Jazz, while the mix of samba and Jazz became known as boost nova, a music genre featuring hits such s The Girl from Panama. Even today, both styles continue to mix with other music genres, such as tango and electronic, and samba with reggae, showing the compatibility and flexibility of the two. However, the two differ greatly, In regards to the characteristics of the music. Looking at tempo, samba is very lively, quick and upbeat, compared to tango, which is more solemn, nostalgic and slower in speed. Furthermore, it seems samba borrows primarily from African music in terms of using Its rhythm and syncopation.Tango, on the other hand, borrowed more from African dance (such as the Malone) rather than African music specifically. Whereas samba is primarily Just music, tango encompasses both song and dance, and it was the dance aspect of tango that African culture affected most. Looking at the lyrics as well, tango music has the common theme of women being unfaithful, unloving, and the men being hurt from such behavior. Yet, samba has no common lyrical theme: it simply consists of cheerfulness and happiness.Most pressing as well is the difference in women involvement in both styles of music. Once again, tango lyrics contained very masculine themes and were from the perspective of a man. This is why men were almost always the singers of tango. For instance, the most famous singer of tango, and Argentine idol, was Carols Garden. 1 OFF accepted and very prominent in samba, due to the musics lack of gender-specific themes. Carmen Miranda, one of the most famous samba singers in the musics history, evidences womens prominence in samba.In conclusion, both samba and tango evolved from the same music, and continue to evolve similarly today, by combining with other established styles of music. However, sambas tempo is faster and livelier, compared to the nostalgic tango. Also, besides being upbeat, samba has no common lyrical theme as most tango does. Finally, tango was for the longest time, a mostly masculine music, whereas samba was popularized by both men and women. Similar and different at the same time, both styles of music are extremely important to the identity of their originating countries.

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atoms and elements essays

atoms and elements essays All matter, both living and nonliving, is composed of basic structures called elements. There are only 92 naturally occurring elements. Elements are what they are because they cannot be broken down to substances with different properties. Elements contain tiny particles called atoms. There is only one type of atom in each type of element. The three most stable parts of an atom are the proton, neutron and electrons. Protons and neutrons are located with the nucleus of an atom. Electrons move around the atom. Most of an atom is empty space. Protons and electrons carry an electrical charge; protons have a positive electrical charge and neutrons have a negative electrical charge. When an atom is electrically neutral, the number of protons equals the number of electrons. The entire atom is held together by the electrical force between the positive nucleus and the negative electrons. The periodic table is a convenient listing of the 92 naturally occurring elements. The elements atomic symbol, weight and number are included on this chart. One or two letters of each element is used to create its atomic symbol. An elements atomic number is the number of protons in each atom of the element. The atomic weight of an element is the weight of each individual atoms protons and neutrons. Atoms are listed according to increasing atomic number on the periodic table of elements. The rows are arranged according to the number of electrons in the outer shell. Electrons orbit the nucleus of the atom at fixed distances, forming electron shells that correspond to different energy levels. The electron shell closest to the atomic nucleus is the smallest and can hold only 2 electrons. The second shell can hold up to eight electrons. The electrons in an atom usually fill the shell closest to the nucleus first and then begin to go into the next one. ...